What Difference Has Meditation Made in Your Life?


Thinking back on what I was like when I first came to meditation classes my picture of myself is of a solid one-piece body with a brain on top. The result was that I was really out of touch with what was going on inside me. If someone asked me how I felt about something, I had to pass it through my mind and ask myself, “What should I be feeling?”

Gradually, through learning how to quiet the busyness of my mind, I began to hear what was going on in my inner being, the real in me. Over time it was as if different levels of my being began to make themselves known, so that I am no longer that one solid block, dominated by my mind.

Finding that quiet inner sanctuary where I can recharge myself in my meditation lets me relax and just be. It gives life depth and richness. I gain assurance that, although I am very much a work in progress, I am on the right track. It is a confidence that carries into my outer activities and brings me joy.