About our meditation classes


Our classes are held in various locations in the community, usually on or close to a bus route. We choose quiet, welcoming spaces because we wish to create a relaxed atmosphere conducive to meditation.

Each class will last for approximately two hours, with 90 minutes of instruction and practise, plus time for tea and general discussion at the end.

Because the important state for entering into any type of meditation is a quiet mind we will practise a variety of techniques to achieve control of our thoughts: breathing exercises, concentration, guided visualisations, chanting, using music, use of flowers, with emphasis on meditating in the heart centre, as advocated by Sri Chinmoy.

There will be handouts to support your home practise of what has been presented in class. The learning is progressive from week to week so newcomers are not admitted after the second class (and are more than welcome to attend the next series !)

Do I have to sit in the lotus position to meditate?

Many people meditate well while seated on a chair. If you prefer to meditate while sitting on the floor you may do so.

Do I need to wear something special?

The emphasis is on relaxation, so wear something that will let you sit comfortably for the time of the practice without being disturbed by, for example, tight clothing. Depending on the location of the class you may be requested to remove your shoes.

Please use the contact form if you wish to be called with information on our next series of classes. And while waiting (we will call !) explore this site and the links for a glimpse of the next adventure.