What difference has meditation made in my life ?


Daily Meditation has made such an impact on my life that I do not know where to begin. Finding a spiritual group that touched not only my mind but also my heart was life-changing for me. I truly felt that this was where I belonged.

For as long as I can remember I had a nervousness that I felt within me. After I had been meditating for a short time at the Sri Chinmoy Center I noticed that the nervousness would disappear for longer and longer periods until it just never came back. I also became calmer and less attached to how I thought things should be. I become more grateful every day.

A feeling of connectedness and belonging began to emerge and when I go through a difficult time in my meditation, the group is always there to help and encourage me.

Meditating in my home may be convenient for most of the week, but meditating once or twice a week with a group in a space that is only used for the purpose of meditation is most powerful. The energy of the people meditating in the room becomes blended with my energy and a feeling of oneness will permeate my being. I also continue to learn and grow through readings and discussions with the others in the group.

And finally, my family claim I am a much nicer person.

Who could ask for more?

I strongly recommend that, if you are serious about having Meditation as part of your life, you consider finding a group that fits with your spiritual philosophy.

Good Luck,